"I can play anything and everything.This is because all that surround us can be a unique sound."

She was born in a town by the lake in northern Italy.
She has lived between Milan and the rest of the world.
Chiara designs for the hearing by creating sound journeys from the ears to the soul.
She learned to listen to the sounds and the music even before she started to speak.
This soon became her language.
As a kid she studied guitar, clarinet and piano. She than improvise these instruments by mixing new sounds captured from everyday life with the use of analog synthesizers.

Become an audio engineer in 2005.

She started deejaying at 18, to transform her music composition into body language.
By initially cutting and pasting old tapes, then using her beloved vinyls.
She has played in acclaimed clubs around the world, from Brooklyn to Milan, Berlin to Shanghai.

She teaches Sound Design and Music for Audiovisual in some of the most important Italian and Chinese Art Academies.

Chiara is composer of soundtracks and audio installations for the Venice Biennale.
She won the Best Soundtrack for the “Soundtrart” prize, an international award organized by the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation.
She has created the soundtrack for the International Art Festival of Sapporo (Japan).

She’s been invited for a TEDx speech to talk about Sound Design.
Her workshops are in Milan and Shanghai.

Her approach.

As a rule of creation, she never uses preexisting sounds.
She records and alter pure sounds from the environment she is in; giving them new lives, rhythm and melody.
She is an inventor of unusual musical instruments that allow her to create her original compositions.

The Sound Of City.

She founded and she’s the creator of the project “The Sound Of City”

The project

Chinese Bio

当她 13 岁的时候,她学习了吉 他,然后单簧管,接着萨克斯,最后学习钢琴,但她学得如此之快,以至于她很快就厌倦了。
在极其严格的教 学方式中有种什么东西,阻挡了她的创造力。
于是她决定改变所有的曲谱,将这些乐器与即兴创作,及从日常 生活中捕捉的新声音混合在一起,并使用模拟合成器把它们融合起来。

为了克服她的羞怯和孤独的青春期,将她的艺术作品转变为肢体语言,她 18 岁的时候,成为了一位 DJ,开始 是剪切和粘贴旧磁带,然后用她喜爱的乙烯基。
从那时起,她已经在意大利和世界各地最重要的俱乐部表演过, 从布鲁克林到米兰,从柏林到上海。
Chiara 设计富有创意的声音,它们既悦耳又触及心灵。
她在一些最重要的意大利艺术院校里教授音乐设计及音 乐视听课程。

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• PREMIO DONA 2017 • In a few mins I’ll give a talk about #sounddesign in this wonderful location in Rome. I’m very honored! #premiodona pic.twitter.com/eOwJhDsKhC

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