Biennale di Venezia & “60 Bpm The Sound Of Swatch” Soundtrack

“60 Bpm – The sound of Swatch” is the title of the music, that I composed, that has become the official soundtrack of Swatch at SWATCH FACES 2015 — PAVILION at ARSENALE (Biennale di Venezia), a special exhibition at TESA 100 in the Arsenale shipyards in Venice.

I also created a sound installation with the sounds of the soundtrack and a video documentary about the creative processes, which are also on display in the special exhibition.

The first soundtrack of a watch.Made with the sound of watches.2440 recorded sounds. 114 used for this soundtrack.

Watches become music, not just ‘time’.

The hands of the watch have become electric guitars.
The worker’s gloves have become a harp.
Rhythmic and melodic parts were created from her recordings of factory machines.

My research for this project began in the Swiss factories of Swatch, where I took all the little objects that made up the watch, from raw materials to the final products, and turned them into musical instruments.

Video Documentary.

The creative process behind my technique to compose music.