Ambassador for Fuorisalone 2016 & Brera Design District.

Thanks to my project “The Sound Of City” I have been appointed as Ambassador of the 2016 edition of the Fuorisalone of Milan.

For the city of Milan I chose the artistic district of Brera.

Brera is music even before you start composing it.
Thanks to its sound nuances, to the contrast between an eccentric nightlife and mornings permeated with artistic passion, I was able to create Milan’s soundtrack.

I walked through the streets of the city at dawn, listening and recording silence and life being born, and among the voices of students full of ambitions and hopes I found the sense of Milan: a snap shot between past and present catching the city into my ears like a future yet to be listened to.

Listening, exploring, closing your eyes and letting sound sensitivity guide you.

Chiara Luzzana

The Sound Of City.

I designed and created the world project “The Sound of City” to investigate the inner sounds of every “concrete jungle”. Every place has something to tell and a soul to show; I turn into music those sounds, those harmonious frequencies and noises that in our daily life go unnoticed.

The project will be released on October 2016.

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