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May, 10th 2020

I Create Sound

I learned to listen to the sounds, even before I emit the first word. My parents get divorced when I was 5. And I wanted to fight loneliness with the sounds of everything around me. I started to transform every object my musical instrument. The noise had become my music. Then, I tried to become a "normal" person, studying guitar, clarinet and piano. But that didactic method blocked my creativity. The score lines were my prison.

I told myself: “It is in the noise and in its harmonious imperfection that my creativity finds inspiration”

And then ...
So I started to study everything possible (and the impossible) about noise and pure sound. With one mission in mind: my music, my soundtracks, it will be composed only of pure sounds. Real. Authentic. Unrepeatable. I trained at Berklee College, where I investigated how the brain reacts to sounds and vice versa, in order to structure every project with a specific output. I got an obsessive passion regarding every single detail related to sound: from the neurobiology of musical cognition, to the construction of microphones.
What about today?
Nowaday I am a Sound Designer working with the most innovative brands and creative agencies all around the world. I was 5 years old played objects at home like an orchestra, today is a full time profession. My sound design starts from the purity of sound, and turns into a sound branding strategy that reaches you, your Brand, your soul.