Sound Designer

I don't need a musical instrument, when life plays the best notes.

Chiara Luzzana is an Award-winning Sound Designer.  She pairs a broad range of leadership in Sound Design, Music Composition, Sound Branding, Soundtrack and Audio Installations collaborating with companies and agencies all over the world.

As a kid she studied guitar, clarinet and piano. Eclectic Artist, she wanted to break the rules imposed by musical notation, to create music only with noise creating visionary Soundtracks. Former student at Berklee College, she investigated how the brain reacts to sounds, discovering a new way to compose music. She trained to become Audio Engineer in 2005.
To nourish her passion regarding noises and sounds, has collected Certifications in every field, from the neurobiology of musical cognition, to the construction of microphones. She studied Cinema & Videomaking, to improve her visual skills. Chiara builds her own musical instruments and sound sculptures, considering one of the highly innovative Sound Designer worldwide.